Download XviD Media Codec 1.3.7 Free

Download XviD Media Codec 1.3.7 Free
VersionDownload XviD Media Codec 1.3.7 Free
File Size11.30 MB
RequirementsWindows 10 32/64 bit,Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit,Windows Vista 32/64 bit
Windows XP 32/64 bit

Download XviD Media Codec 1.3.7 Free

Download XviD Media Codec 1.3.7 FreeXviD Media Codec is an open resource MPEG-4 video clip codec created for every person. Its purpose is to press video in order to enable faster transmission over computer networks or for more effective storage space on computer disks. For this reason, the app can somewhat be viewed as a ZIP archive for video. The device eliminates info from video that is trivial for human understanding in order to accomplish very high compression rates while still keeping great visual quality. XviD Media Codec is published under the GNU GPL certificate. That indicates it can be obtained free of charge. And also because the app is open-source software application, everyone can examine the XviD source code to check for himself that nothing destructive is consisted of.

Features and Highlights

Highest possible Efficiency

This software application runs extremely fast as it is optimized for the current CPUs. Recording video clip from a video camera in realtime or repeating HD video efficiently are not a problem. Your computer system will still have lots of power left for your various other tasks!

Plays Anywhere

A huge benefit of the device compressed video clip documents is that they play virtually anywhere. The software program works on lots of systems and most popular video gamers support it. Also, house enjoyment gadgets like Televisions or DVD/BD gamers can take care of the application video clip.

Solid Compression

The Xvid codec compresses video clip documents to make them smaller. Download XviD Media Codec 1.3.7 Free. It can press video at a proportion of 200:1 or even more contrasted to uncompressed video. This makes transmitting the video over a network quick or saves you a great deal of area on your computer’s hard disk.

Terrific Image Top Quality

While the application presses video quite possibly, it can do so without triggering visible high quality loss as well as by preserving a sharper photo than other codecs do. Download XviD Media Codec 1.3.7 Free. The program is “lossy” compression yet targets at eliminating just those picture details that are trivial for human perception. Therefore, it is seen as an MP3 for video.

No Adware

The software application is distributed as cost-free as well as open-source software application. Which means you can obtain it truly absolutely free. It doesn’t come packed with adware or crapware. No unwanted packed software, no malware, no browser toolbars, no bullshit.

Download XviD Media Codec 1.3.7 Free

Open Criteria

The codec carries out the ISO MPEG-4 requirement. Adapting a standard makes video clips compressed with the application future-proof as well as more makes certain that the resulting data can be played back or modified also with third-party software application.


The availability of the application source code permits “porting” the software program to brand-new systems and cpus conveniently. With time, the device also currently got ported to many different CPU types as well as running systems consisting of Windows, Linux, as well as Mac.

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